Blushing Brides on a Budget

March 21, 2009

In recent times, everyone has had to make some sacrifices in order to save money.  With no end to the economic hardship in sight, many blushing brides and their soon to be hubbies have decided that they can no longer put their wedding plans on hold.  Many couples have opted for budget weddings, which may save money but occasionally leaves some brides feeling their dream wedding was out of reach.  What’s the number one thing cash-strapped brides feel they missed out on? The prefect wedding dress. 

Lucky for these budget brides, Goodwill designed an event just for them.  At the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries headquarters in Roxbury this weekend, brides could hunt through over a thousand gorgeous gowns in a variety of sizes, styles and designer labels.  These dresses, which normally would sell for anywhere from $300 to $1,000, but brides could steal these dresses for as little as $80 to $250.  A very generous, anonymous, local retailer donated the dresses to Goodwill. 

The Goodwill spokesman, James Harder, is pleased with the turnout so far.  “Our hope is that brides on a budget will be able to find the gown of their dreams at an affordable price” says Harder.  Although the organization provided soon-to-be brides with their dream dresses at a price that could fit any wedding budget, its main mission is to offer job training and readiness to those with disabilities and disadvantaged and also sells affordable clothes and other household goods.  The headquarters even turned its classrooms into make shift dressing rooms for the event.  Goodwill stores around Massachusetts have always sold wedding dresses this is the first time that Goodwill has hosted a wedding dress sale of this size.  Harder is confident that this will not be the last time they host an event like Brides on a Budget. 

If you are preparing to take the big vows on a budget, stop by the Goodwill headquarters at 1010 Harrison Ave Sunday before 3 p.m. to check out the sale. 


3 Responses to “Blushing Brides on a Budget”

  1. thebeerphilosopher said

    Sorry, but I have to cringe when I read stories like this immediately after reading one about kids in Minneapolis being turned into roach food. A $1000 wedding gown for $250? Great. With all the money you just saved, you can afford to pay three months rent for a homeless family in Minnesota.

  2. guswinn said

    I really think this is great even though we are in the midst of the recession. Since it is hitting our lives hard, more or less, it’s nice to know that one special aspect of life, such as getting married, doesn’t have to be too disrupted.

  3. Spirit said

    Seems like this may become the new Filenes Basement.

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