Is it April 2nd yet?

April 1, 2009

There was a time, when I was little, when I actually enjoyed April Fools’ day.  One year I told my father that his car had a flat right before he rushed out the door to head to work.  I put fake spiders on teacher’s chairs.  Yes, I was that kid.

Now I’m 25 and I find myself less and less amused by April 1st.  The only thing I look forward to is the annual pranks from Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft and other such games.  They always have something really obvious, entertaining, and creative to offer on the 1st.  Yet even that is tinged with melancholy thanks to the Pandaren, but that’s for another day.

But when honest news sites play pranks, I find it irritating as hell.  Blizzard exists for entertainment purposes.  But the Guardian’s “Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink” article?  Seriously, folks, it’s kinda one chuckle funny at best then I want my damn news.  This is real freaking newspaper!  As a result, I can’t trust any news I read today that isn’t prefaced by “We here at [whatever] aren’t doing any pranks”.  And even then, I’m not confident.  As one of the people I follow on Twitter said, “So far, its been a reasonably safe and unremarkable April Fool’s… Which only makes me MORE paranoid.” (@SJGames)  And it doesn’t help when decides to toss up about a dozen fake posts.

The Onion has, somehow, became a source of comfort and stability today.  At least I know they’re full of it.


3 Responses to “Is it April 2nd yet?”

  1. thebeerphilosopher said

    The real question is, why the hell are you reading the Guardian?

    Good post, TL.

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