April 1, 2009

 That’s correct, wePod, as in the royal “we”

President Barak Obama has shown his commitment to change by offering the Queen of England a new way to listen to her favorite music, watch her favorite clips (like the one of her past US visit), and stay in touch with the youth of today.  The iPod Obama gave the Queen was his official gift to her on his first official State visit to America’s strongest ally.  Is it possible that Obama did not realize what types of gifts the leaders of Nations should exchange?  Did he assume it was like birthdays or something? 

Now, I’m sure that the Queen of England doesn’t have a wish-list but surely something could demonstrate the serious nature of our country’s commitment to Anglo-American relations, something to assure our deep respect for the culture that gave us so much of our own laws and institutions, something to compel the continued British support in American foreign affairs, something not on the wish-list of his two tweenage daughters. 

This President has rallied about the importance of our image oversees.  In fact, his insistence that our National reputation needed repair was part of why he was elected.  He underscored the necessity of the United States being respected and taken seriously again by the world community.  I find it hard to believe that giving trendy music playing devices as diplomatic gestures is the change in foreign policy required.   

I can only imagine what gift he plans to give the Iranian prime-minister when he inevitably meets with him. 

A Homer Simpson doll perhaps?


4 Responses to “wePod”

  1. Palm Tree said

    Ah … the age old question … what do you give to a rich elderly lady, who has everything.

  2. thebeerphilosopher said

    Well put, ModernPiracy. I agree that we need to be taken more seriously. I was listening to Jay Severin on the radio yesterday, and he made a point that I immediately rejected as extremist, but which is gaining a little bit more clout the more I think about it. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the only way an international meeting like the G20 conference can be a success is if the President of the United States walks into the room and says, “Hey! Listen up! This is how it’s gonna be. We Americans are going to implement policies that are in our own selfish needs. To the extent that the needs of other countries parallel our own, they are welcome aboard. If your interests run contrary to ours, get out of the effing way.”

  3. theundefeatedrookiesensation said

    I’ll be the voice of dissent; I think it’s a great gift. Think about what the inscription beneath an iPod in a museum in a hundred years will say. “An American company created this ubiquitous device and changed the face of media forever.”

    By handing this present to the Queen of England, Obama is saying “Look, the Queen, this box is a prime example of American ingenuity. It represents a thriving, new and incredibly important economy. The future is in this box, the Queen, and you should have one.”

    • thebeerphilosopher said

      I’m with you, Rookie, except the inscription would have one more line: “It represents a thriving, new, and incredibly important economy, and will be completely obsolete in three months.”

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