Vote or Don’t

April 7, 2009

Monarchy seems so unfathomable in our modern democratic society.  We imagine a monarch or any tyrant as some ancient horse-mounted medieval hooligan, pillaging and murdering en masse to assume a throne in a grand public spectacle.  We no longer even associate tyrants or monarchs as a threat to our society or the stability of our government.  Although the founders of the United States had a real concept of the abuses of monarchs and worked tirelessly to assure that our government would be impermeable to such hijacks, the success of it relies on us – our generation and each of us right now!

The key element to avoid the consolidation of power in our “democratic” (more like ‘Federal Republic’) system is in individual autonomy.  Each citizen is challenged with the responsibility to maintain our structure of government.  Voting is obvious and my attempt is not to chastise our Nation into voting.  On the contrary, I congratulate the populace of this country on having a record voting turn-out in November.  The fact remains that voting is not a one time deal.  It does not happen once every 4 years.  It does not happen once every 3 years or 2 years.  Yes, it occurs at each of those times but this is not the Olympics.  Voting requires the bare minimum of qualifications, minimal level of ability, and zero training.  Voting, in fact, occurs at least twice a year in most municipalities.

The problem is that without candidates, like Framingham who’s downtown districts are notoriously under represented but has now spread to the entire town with more than half of all available seats remaining vacant on the ballot, citizens may be less inclined to vote.  Another possible source of problem is in the current economy, people being too concerned over personal affairs, finances and happenings to take notice of their larger community.  Ironically, there should be a swell of candidates with unemployment being so high plenty of available representatives could be found.  Unfortunately, not only have candidates not surfaced, but voters are staying home too.

With all the excitement of our National elections behind us, it seems we citizens are content without local representation.  It would appear that the Presidential race means more to us than those specific representatives who impact our everyday existence, everyday.  Are we content with one representative at the Federal level?  3?  9?  When will our local needs and resources be seen as a reliable source of power, change, and true representation?  Hopefully not before they are eradicated – not by edict or law but by ignorance, disuse, and disinterest.


One Response to “Vote or Don’t”

  1. thebeerphilosopher said

    I almost don’t want to ruin it, but I find it telling that a post chastising people for not caring doesn’t generate any comments. Maybe we should stick to peanuts.

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