The Perfect Life?

April 22, 2009

So the story that has scared me the most lately is the one about the Craigslist Killer. It is always sad and scary to hear a story like this, but to hear the background information on this persons life scares me even more. In a recent article I read about this case, it described the kind of life that Philip Markoff had. He grew up in upstate New York, where his father was a dentist and his mother worked in a casino. He lived a very privileged life and his peers in high school said he was smart and slightly nerdy. Sounds like many people that I know.
His lab partner who he worked with at Boston University School of Medicine said different to what most people remember him as. He said that he had mood swings and was troubled. He also said that he would come to class very depressed. One of the students in his classes, Tiffany B. Montgomery, was not surprised that they charged him with these murders because she was so worried about his mood swings and depression that she wanted to get a school counselor to help him because he may be suicidal. Although she said this, he seemed to have the perfect life. He was a small-town boy who went to medical school and engaged to his girlfriend who he had been dating since college. He had no criminal record.
He may have always been a nice guy, but every person in this article, excluding his grandfather said he was a nice guy, but strange at the same time. That is what scares me. Although he was a nice guy, he obviously had some problems. Maybe he was just sick of trying to live the perfect life and tried to find an outlet (in some dark way). He seemed to me that maybe he didn’t know how to control his depression and mood swings, and kept what he was doing a secret from all that knew who he was on the outside. He did all of this in our backyard, and that’s why it hits so close to home. There are many people out there with these types of symptoms, and who knows how they will act when they just cannot take it anymore. A person can only be “nice” for so long. This is what scares me in this world. You never know who you will come across.


5 Responses to “The Perfect Life?”

  1. lenny25 said

    Isn’t this what our parents are always warning us about? Why does it always take some kind of huge event to catch our attention? After school shootings, we’re all warned about the effects of bullying. After an alcohol or speed related accidents, we hear those lectures. Here’s a kid who obviously had problems people were ignoring, now we’re going to hear all about how we need to monitor our friends mood swings and watch out for the “nice” guys…
    Yeah it’s scary, but life is scary. We need to stop ignoring potential problems just because their scary and start preparing for them before hand. Had someone gotten this kid help, those women might still be alive today. Dealing with problems after the fact is too late.

    • thebeerphilosopher said

      So what’s the alternative? Even if we’re super-cautious about our interactions with other human beings, even if we take self-defense classes and carry sidearms, even if we call school councilors and alert authorities to every acquaintance who ever had a mood swing, we still wouldn’t be safe by any measure — or even safer in any significant sense. This event is a tragedy not because no one made a phone call or made this sicko get help. It is a tragedy because these people exist in our world, and we are necessarily powerless to stop them.

  2. Notelrac said

    Whatever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    • thebeerphilosopher said

      Fox News.

      • thresholdlurker said

        Much as I hate Fox and love a good round of beating that dead horse, I think we can say that the media has been pulling crap like this for a long time before Fox. It’s just more in your face now.

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