Being Good is Hard, Especially When It’s Chocolate

April 25, 2009

As sit here, doing my research papers and being generally annoyed by the fact that I am missing out on this beautiful day, (the price of procrastination; what’s that saying? Procrastination is like masturbation – it feels good at first, but in the end, you’re just fucking yourself), I’m eating Reese’s mini cups. Apart from trying to trick myself into believing that I’m actually having fun, this small act has now got me wondering. What am I doing?! How can I continue?! So I put the bag away, disgruntled and chocolate-depraved.

What’s my problem with the consumption of these fun little bite-sized treats, you ask? The packaging. Before you can bring the taste of chocolate-y, peanut butter-esque salvation to your lips, you must first reach your hand into the plastic bag, pull out one of the confections, unwrap the colorful foil, and discard the black paper doily-thing. This is a ton of waste produced in mere seconds. As soon as you’ve found the meat, the shell is thrown away, to become part of the trash heap.

Not only do Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups use a LOT of resources, now, they make mini versions of their product. This means that per peanut butter cup, more resources are getting put into production, and are being thrown away. Maybe Strong Bad has a good reason to hate “Miniaturized versions of already bite-sized food”, besides just hating things to annoy others. “ell-oh-ell”.

I guess I wouldn’t care as much if I knew that these bits of non-edibles were going to be recycled or re-used somehow, but I just don’t see people being that conscious of their actions. I mean, until I really thought about it, I was just tossing them into my trash bin. And it’s only so that I know I’m not a complete hypocrite that I find myself fishing through, trying to find all the paper bits to through them into the blue recycling bins found around my residence hall.


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