It’s Not a Year Unless It’s Got Its Own Disease

April 27, 2009

It almost took until May, but 2009 is finally official. As I sipped my coffee the other morning, I turned the news on halfway through the story. It took a couple of minutes before I ever actually heard the words “swine flu”, but I didn’t need to hear it. I could just tell. The look in the anchor’s eye just seemed to scream “pandemic” at me, and I actually giggled a little bit when they cut to an official from the center for disease control.

You see, I’ve got something of a pandemic fetish. It’s actually probably not as bad as it sounds. I just get this bit of glee at the panic these diseases. It all started with mad cow disease. I marveled at the panic and the complete lack of understanding, the fear it inspired and people’s complete refusal to do any research on the subject for themselves. It was something that nobody understood in any terms besides “dangerous”, and more often than not they would ignore all of the tools at their disposal to learn more about it in favor of just being afraid of it. Over the next few years, we’d get a little piece of something here and there, but nothing so dramatic.

I didn’t know just how much I enjoyed these pandemics until SARS. SARS was AMAZING. For a small window, everybody was convinced that they had SARS, even though they’d never been anywhere that would have any contact with SARS, and it was hilarious. Then we got bird flu, and again it was amazing. MRSA was pretty cool too, until I actually got that one myself. It wasn’t as fun when I was sitting in the emergency room waiting to have my face ripped apart by a doctor so that I wouldn’t die. It WAS fun that people were kind of afraid of me afterward, though. I’ll give it that.

Usually these pandemics come early in the year though, following the holidays, and I was starting to think that the best we were going to get this year was some salmonella in the peanut butter. But the year has been saved. Three cheers for 2009! Year of the Great Swine Flu!


One Response to “It’s Not a Year Unless It’s Got Its Own Disease”

  1. donata426 said

    Mob mentality is a funny thing to witness. I don’t know; people like to unite under a common fear, I guess. And what spurs fear on more than ignorance?

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